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In the year Two Thousand Three, four friends decided they wanted to form a band. After weeks of Wednesday night partying they decided to do it. They knew they would be outmatched in the music scene but they didn’t care. They dubbed themselves the Horribles. The original line-up was Chad Sexington on Vocals, Jack Sparrow on Guitar, Justice Man on Bass Guitar, and The Hamburgler on Drums. They started practicing and started to meld. They sounded awesome and had many great ideas. But they soon realized they were missing something. One day the Sophisticated Viking wandered by their practice garage in rural Peotone, and stayed and watched practice. He enjoyed the band and jammed on the Juice Harp a few times with them. A few days later the Horribles asked him to join as an official member. The final piece of the puzzle was complete. The band practiced and practiced; drank and drank, until they were ready. Their good buddies and local band Half Dead Hamster asked them to open for them at a show for a frat at Monmouth College. They agreed and the stage was set. There was some electricity in the air that evening, the crowd was ripe with anticipation. The Horribles entrance music sounded over the PA. The crowd roared in excitement. They played a blistering set that completely destroyed the audience. Needless to say, history was made that evening. Half Dead Hamster was quoted as saying, “How the hell can we follow that?” After a long night of partying The Horribles returned home to continue to practice.

What follows is a dark time period for the Horribles. Filled with internal strife and high-strung emotions of a rigorous practice schedule the band was being torn apart from the inside. No one could agree on anything and it looked like it was coming to a bitter end. On a dark December evening, an event happened which changed the Horribles forever. On a late night practice session, tensions were flaring between Jack and Justice Man. Justice Man wanted to do a bass solo and the song didn’t seem to call for it. Fisticuffs ensued, landing both men in the hospital. This sent the band reeling. The Horribles decided to break up after this. Most went there separate ways. Jack, Chad and The Hamburgler started using almost every drug possible. They were on a binge Ozzy Osborne would be ashamed of. The Sophisticated Viking became an alcoholic and never left his cabin in the woods. Justice Man went on to record a solo bass guitar album entitled: There's No Justice. It will be released shortly. These were very dark times indeed.

Then on an unfortunate night in January of Two Thousand Four, destiny came knocking in the form of a fractured skull. Chad, Jack and The Hamburgler were out driving around on a PCP binge. They were in a severe accident, but only the Hamburgler suffered serious injuries. He fractured his skull in two places, and was laid up in the hospital for weeks. The band came together and cleaned up after this. They reunited while Hamburgler was in the hospital. But, to the bands dismay, Justice Man was still not heard from.

With a new attitude the band reformed and began practicing again. The Hamburgler still suffers from time to time, but is improving. However the band was incomplete, they lacked a bass guitar player. Their producer Mario filled in during practice until a new one was found. The Sophisticated Viking had an old friend who just returned from a tour with Hammerfall filling in for Magnus Ròsen, who broke his hand. He agreed whole-heartedly and Gorilla Elvis became the newest member of the Horribles family.
With everything back in place the Horribles were ready to take the world by storm with their 2004 Reunion Tour: The Horribles on Ice. It was kicked off at Peotone High School’s Battle of the Bands in March. Although they didn’t win, the crowd loved them. Chants of "Bullshit" filled the arena when they were denied the crown.

What will the future hold for the Horribles? Only time will tell, but world domination will have to suffice for now.